FYI: there’s a nuclear reactor in Kinshasa

February 3, 2008,,1954795,00.html

Weird and complicated story involving Uranium deposits, the nazis, Einstein, Hiroshima, some american payback, a non-proliferation deal, economic/strategic sabotage, Mobutu love for prestige projects…

Anyway, the western news outlets who reported the story were all concerned about Al-Qaeda or whatever getting their hand on enriched uranium but I’m a bit concerned for the risks the people in Kinshasa (and Brazzaville) are facing.


One Response to “FYI: there’s a nuclear reactor in Kinshasa”

  1. kwasi Says:

    I never knew about this. Now I’m wondering how many reactors there are on the continent in total. It probably isn’t limited to Ghana, Congo and South Africa.

    This also helps explain why the IAEA is starting to fund the training of a new set of Nuclear engineers and scientists in Africa.

    I’m also not sure the building of a nuclear reactor in a country with the world’s largest uranium deposits necessarily qualifies as a prestige project.

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