April 18, 2008

It gets pretty bad when a 1963 applied sociology study focusing on labour migrancy mentions that the dancing skills and fashion sense of the Brazzaville migrant workers causes tensions and fights in Gabon.

Also, the study suggests that clear contracts with clear and well-understood terms reduce turn-out among migrant workers. No shit. Did the colonists really need a sociologist to tell them that ? (actually not only they did, but they still do).

Here’s the paper (in French).

6 Responses to “Reputation”

  1. omodudu Says:

    I am lost

  2. Amal Says:

    The irony of wrapping common sense in a study and then selling it to us as quality scientific research. On the other hand, it was published in the roaring sixties, holmes. Give em a break 🙂

  3. aflakete Says:

    But it has data ! lol.

    The odd thing is that I know a few people who would need to read it right now in 2008. I can’t imagine how counter-intuitive those recommendations were in the 60’s. “you mean to tell me it’s not because they’re lazy and unreliable that you left ?’

  4. Emil Says:

    Then you need to read the dribble one of our esteemed journalists in South Africa wrote about colonialism in Africa – he got fired for his ignorance, also a bit extreme, but nonetheless an indication that many of us do not accept stereotypical characterizations of Africa anymore – and heavens, I am caucassion.

  5. Alanna Says:

    I just read a interesting paper on perceptions of disease in migrant workers – basically workers coming into a country are seen as unclean by their host country, and migrant workers are seen as diseased and tainted when they come home.

  6. Sean Says:

    You don’t post anymore?

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