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a quick graph..

April 4, 2008

I usually tend to think that the benefits of the mobile revolution are a bit overblown but this is just too striking.

kerala fishing prices
(click on it for bigger picture)

That’s the variation of weekly fish prices in three different costal regions of India where fish is a staple and fishing a major economic activity. Not only a neat graph, this is considerable improvement for the lives of both fishermen and fish consumers. And did I mention that those regions are in Kerala of all places ?

Oh yeah, taken from this paper (pdf).


This is why Capitalism won

December 21, 2007

Now here’s a great idea! A simple cure for “Myspace Photo” syndrome – you know, that all-too-common self-portrait, where you’re off-center, with your head half cut-off, one arm sticking up all awkward holding the camera? Well, no more! Now your candid shots can look like fine art photos with the help of this ingenious hand-held extendable camera arm.

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